Didn’t quite find what you were looking for? Well, let’s get customized! Here at Savage Lyfe Customizations, we will be sure to create a one-of-a-kind piece that will surely leave you to be the statement piece of the party or in everyday life.

How it works?

Here at Savage Lyfe Customizations, we love to use vintage, new or gently used denim and leather. We also love to customize accessories such; as purses, boots, and more.

  1. Simply upload the design/picture that you have in mind for us to customize.
  2. Send a note to the designer with any questions and/or comments about the item you would like to customize.

*Disclaimer- Savage Lyfe Customizations jackets and accessories may vary in style unless a specific style is provided or ordered ahead of time.

Whether your need is simple or complex, Savage Lyfe Customizations can take your idea from concept to completion.

A Note about Custom Products: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic, lead times for custom products may be impacted. Processing & Shipping times are subject to change based on the availability of materials. If you have questions regarding a custom order, please contact our Customer Service Team at savagelyfecustoms@gmail.com

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